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When A Child's Baby Tooth Refuses To Leave

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Baby teeth, deciduous teeth, primary teeth, or whatever you choose to call them—your child’s first set of teeth won’t be their last. Or will they? The majority of people lose their primary teeth when their secondary (adult) teeth are ready to emerge. Even though it’s not statistically common, it’s not a total rarity for primary teeth to be retained into adulthood. What should you do if this happens to your child? Read More»

Senior Citizens And Dental Conditions: What To Know

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As you age, your dental needs can change. From medical conditions to dealing with missing teeth, the needs of the boomer generation and beyond are unique. Your dental care at age 60 is not the same as that of a 25 or 45-year-old. To learn about some common issues that tend to pop up among older dental patients, read on.  Wear and tear on teeth As people age, their teeth can become worn down from years of chewing and grinding. Read More»